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Correct communication - now more than ever!

Currently, the new corona virus is turning the world upside down. Nevertheless: The right words, channels and a flexible schedule can help you to stay on the path. We show how.

Switzerland has declared a state of emergency because of the corona virus. This poses major challenges, particularly for the economy. Many companies have to announce short-time working, some have to reckon with delivery bottlenecks, and some SMEs are facing liquidity problems. In this situation it is particularly important to maintain the trust of customers, employees and business partners.

Keep an overview: thanks to our Crisis Communication Guide - compiled especially for you. We are also happy to help you communicate clearly and competently.

For all enquiries and projects, we can be reached via the usual contact channels. To protect you, your environment and our employees, the majority of our team works from our home office.

Crisis communication guide: Communicate correctly - now more than ever!

Published on 15. April 2020 by Martin Arnold