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Councillors mobilise for Clean-Up Day

IG saubere Umwelt (IGSU) has been organising the national Clean-Up Day since 2013. It has also relied on the cooperation with Communicators AG for just as long. The agency has also supported the IGSU in getting the cantonal councillors Christoph Neuhaus (Bern) and Martin Neukom (Zurich) on board. The heads of the building departments encourage cities and municipalities to organise their own clean-up campaigns as part of the IGSU Clean-Up Day.
Councillors Christoph Neuhaus and Martin Neukom support the IGSU Clean-Up Day.

For the tenth time, IG saubere Umwelt (IGSU) is organising the national Clean-Up Day on 16 and 17 September 2022. Once again, tens of thousands of people throughout Switzerland will collect litter lying around and dispose of it correctly. From kindergarten children to senior citizens, from employees of the public works department to business managers: on IGSU Clean-Up Day, everyone pitches in, regardless of age, culture or social background. This diversity is also reflected in the personalities who support the Clean-Up Day with patronage: In addition to snowboarder Jonas Boesiger, who took over the national patronage in 2022, government councillors are also calling for participation this year.

Top politicians stand up against littering

For example, Christoph Neuhaus, member of the Bernese government, and Martin Neukom, member of the Zurich government, are now mobilising for Clean-Up Day. "We have been encouraging cities and municipalities to organise their own clean-up campaigns for years by enlisting politicians for cantonal patronages," explains IGSU Executive Director Nora Steimer. "We are pleased that with the help of Communicators AG we have now been able to win over the top cantonal politicians. This underlines the importance of Clean-Up Day."

National movement for a clean environment

On the national IGSU Clean-Up-Day, Swiss nature is freed from several tons of litter every year. It is part of World Cleanup Day, which takes place this year on 17 September and in which over 180 countries worldwide are actively participating. In September 2021, an estimated 45,000 people have been involved in over 620 actions. The action day is supported by the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, the Swiss Association of Municipal Infrastructure SVKI and the Pusch Foundation.

Published on 17. May 2022 by Pamela Schefer