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Financial Communicators get a taste of TV air

The "Financial Communicators" visited the studio of the new television channel CNNMoney Switzerland. The atmosphere in the corridors of the new channel is fresh and promising.  

Andreas Schaffner, Senior Producer, gave the entire Financial Communicators team a guided tour of the fourth floor of the Media Park in Zurich Altstetten. In the studio, the cameras and spotlights are in place and the large control room with its many screens is brimming with technology. Everything makes a highly professional impression. The staff, including the former SRF correspondent Urs Gredig, did not allow themselves to be distracted by our group from their in-depth discussions, the editing of contributions or the preparation of the next recording.

CNNMoney has been on air since the World Economic Forum in Davos and will also provide an interesting platform for our clients in the future. Because the target audience is clearly defined: English-speaking and from the financial sector. So not only is communication in English in the corridors of the office, but all broadcasts are produced exclusively in English.

According to Andreas Schaffner, the TV station has opened up the subject areas within the financial sector to a wide audience. CNNMoney currently has three live broadcasting channels. "The Living Markets" interviews two guests in a relatively short time about current market events. This is followed by "The Big Picture", the focus, in which two guests are interviewed in depth on a specific topic. The weekday evening programme (from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.) concludes with "The Newsmaker", which focuses on one person.

The studio walls have the look of a rust-coloured brick wall, reminiscent of rows of houses in a large American city. On the left side of the studio is a large illuminated picture of the Limmat city of Zurich. This illustrates the two worlds that CNNMoney Switzerland encompasses: The TV station wants to focus on Swiss topics that have international significance. For Financial Communicators it is clear that the studio on Flurstrasse is a good way for our international and Swiss clients to reach a specialist public.

Published on 08. February 2018 by Martin Arnold