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Fit for Finance - Going to school again

Concentrated knowledge for Communicators employees thanks to a series of seminars on the most important core concepts of modern financial market theory.

A pronounced understanding of the financial world is essential in daily dealings with financial customers. Reading the specialist media allows you to deepen existing knowledge, gain new insights and establish connections. However, a deeper insight into the fundamental concepts requires more. The intensive course "Fit for Finance" provided Simone Frey and Victoria von Korff-Ercklentz with this insight, focusing on the practical applicability of the theoretical concepts taught.

Starting with portfolio theory, asset allocation and financial products such as derivatives, structured products and fixed income instruments as well as alternative instruments, the course covers everything from an outlook on Fintech trends and the future of the financial industry. The course with twelve units lasted about three months and ended with a certificate examination - successfully passed for Simone and Victoria.

Published on 01. July 2019 by Victoria von Korff-Ercklentz