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FlowBank – the new digital bank gets started

The Swiss financial sector has a new member: FlowBank was founded by Lausanne banker Charles-Henri Sabet. It has already received the banking license by Finma and will start operations in November.

FlowBank will start operations in Switzerland in November.

Charles-Henri Sabet became known to a wider audience in the 1990s when he founded the online bank Synthesis. In 2007, he sold Synthesis to the Danish Saxo Bank where he managed the trading activities until 2009. Subsequently, he became Chairman of GIO - Global Investment Management and later held the same position at Jiffix Markets, In 2014, he became Group CEO of London Capital Group. Now, the energetic and innovative banker adds a new chapter to his career.

Headquarters in Geneva, branch office in Zurich

In Geneva, the Swiss-Lebanese dual citizen, who was Swiss U-18 tennis champion at the age of 18 and also won the Backgammon World Championship, founded FlowBank. As CEO, he is driving his latest project forward rapidly. More than 40 employees already work at the headquarters in the Rhone city, and the workforce is expected to grow significantly by the end of the year.

Starting in 2021, the opening of various branch offices is planned, including one in Zurich. In a further step, the bank will expand internationally. "We are positioning ourselves as a reliable expert in financial market investments—for both our private and institutional clients," founder Charles-Henri Sabet explained.

Digitally comprehensive trading offer

Sabet adds: "Thanks to our mobile app and a mature platform that allows trading in all asset classes on national and international trading markets, we are able to offer a unique investment experience.” Clients benefit from a multi-currency account, a credit card and, last but not least, everyday banking services. In addition, they can count on the support of the research team in identifying opportunities and trends.

FlowBank stands for a maximum of concentration, the so-called "flow", the banker continues. The young company describes this state as typical for athletes and creative people who are completely absorbed in their task and thus achieve top performance.

The same applies to investors: "Those who focus their undivided attention on the stock market—n other words, those who are completely in the “flow”—are successful. This is exactly what FlowBank promises its customers—and despite the Covid crisis, the stock market is in the “flow” as well.

Published on 04. August 2020 by Alina Meletta