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GC INSIDER now published by Communicators

Association and club communications have always been among Communicators' proven assets. Since August we hold editorial responsibility for GC INSIDER, the newsletter of Grasshopper Club Zurich. Yesterday, the August issue was published with many exciting background stories.
Since August 2021, Communicators publishes the GC INSIDER newsletter. Photo: GCZ

The Grasshopper Club Zurich is the largest polysportive club in Switzerland. The 12 sections offer a wide range of sports: football, rowing, curling, squash, tennis and many more. New teams are formed, victories are celebrated and new records are set. And the stories that are written deserve to be told.

The monthly newsletter "GC INSIDER" includes background stories, interviews, reports and informs about club happenings across all sections. Since August, Communicators holds editorial responsibility.

In the August issue, we tell, among other things, why basketball star Clint Capela's visit to Zurich was thrilling, how handball referee Arthur Brunner experienced the Olympic semifinal he officiated in Tokyo, and what ambitions the new junior curling team has (spoiler: medals, medals, medals).

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Published on 30. August 2021 by Viviana Petrone