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Insight – innovative and successful tourism examples

For the fourth time, Communicators is producing the newsletter "Insight" on behalf of SECO. The aim is to disseminate innovative and successful examples from the tourism sector. There is a lot of work and coordination behind it.

Innotour is a programme of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO that supports and promotes innovative tourism projects in Switzerland. The newsletter "Insight" presents the projects supported and their success factors, with the aim of making them widely known as "best practice" examples. It is published four times a year in print and online versions. The current issue focuses on regional model projects of national importance. Five examples are presented in more detail.

One of these projects is the Ticino Ticket, which gives overnight guests free travel on the public transport network. At the same time, it allows tourism managers to evaluate mobility data. The Ticino Tourist Office, together with numerous stakeholders, has realised this idea. The recipe for success was the early involvement of all possible partners and the pursuit of several objectives. In Fribourg, an online platform is to record all guest data centrally from 2020. The aim is to simplify data entry and management on the part of the establishments, but also of the responsible authorities. Other examples are the learning platform "Du bist Basel" from the city on the Rhine or the Green Marathon in Zurich. Common to all examples is the idea of innovation on the one hand and the transferability to other regions on the other.

This is the fourth time that SECO has commissioned Communicators to produce "Insight". Communicators begins its work by transmitting the articles - SECO determines the topics, examples and authors. The aim is always to consult with the authors to ensure that the texts are of the right length, that they have a uniform appearance and that they are prepared in a reader-friendly manner. Once the texts have been finalized, they go into translation. At the same time, Communicators makes suggestions for images to supplement the texts. We pay particular attention to a uniform visual language. This is where the input of the layout designers, who also design the cover image and set the scene for the texts, always helps. This phase requires a lot of coordination and overview: adjustments that have to be made, requests that are still pending. So it's a good feeling to have the printing material in your hands after a few weeks of work and to be able to give the printing company a final OK.

Published on 02. July 2018 by Martin Arnold