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Survey: Job Prospects in Swiss Finance in 2021

The Covid-19 crisis will transform Swiss finance dramatically. Under these circumstances, how do you rate career prospects in the coming years? Take part in this survey and win one of three vouchers worth about 200 Swiss francs for an exclusive restaurant in Zurich.
New faces in the banking world. Who has the best career opportunities? Image: Shutterstock.

The survey conducted for the 10th time jointly by, the Swiss Finance Institue and our agency is aimed at all staff working at banks, insurers and other companies close to the business; but also at students of universities and polytechnic institutes. The internationally acclaimed SFI is the exclusive know-how partner of this survey, providing professional expertise.

"As a research and training institution, it is of utmost importance to feel the pulse of the industry. The views of banking staff naturally are part of this. That way we are able to better adapt our activities to the needs of Swiss banks", said Markus Bürgi, member of the SFI management team. The poll takes a maximum of five minutes to fill out.

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The poll delivers a representative picture of how people in finance see the future of their industry. We will publish the results and changes in relation to the past nine years in July 2022.

The winners of the restaurant vouchers will be announced by name when the results are published on

Published on 11. May 2022 by Peter Manhart