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The location is central for successful PR

Today it is technically feasible and sometimes even cheaper to implement PR for a company in Switzerland from overseas. But is it then high-level or just quantitative PR? Digitalisation or not, the recipe for credible PR remains proximity to the market and personal contact with the target group.

PR positions companies and enables them to communicate with different players in a specific market. In order to support a company effectively, the relevant industry and all players moving in it must be taken into account. This could of course be done by an international agency. Statistics and algorithms would be used to develop schemes on the basis of which a communication strategy would be drawn up. The result would be a quantitative and impersonal communication with media professionals, clients and other players. What is missing is the personal.

A small and regionally active agency knows its home market and can therefore develop more tailored communication concepts than a large international agency. Personal contact with the players is supported by experience and knowledge of current developments and trends. The local agency not only knows the relevant publications, but also the media professionals and their specific interests. Communicators attaches great importance to personal contact, which repeatedly opens doors for both international and Swiss clients.

The four national languages also make it difficult to serve Switzerland from abroad. But the language barriers are also noticeable for Swiss companies. Sometimes it can only be the crossing of the cantonal border that helps to create proximity. This is why Communicators has offices in Zurich, Bern and Lucerne and works closely with partner agencies in French-speaking Switzerland. This intensive focus on regional differences makes PR work authentic. Good PR is characterized by authenticity and credibility - whether in corporate communications or as a starting point for journalistic research.

It is not a Swiss phenomenon that locally orchestrated PR is more successful. For example, Communicators is in close contact with colleagues from Germany. The regular exchange confirms this: Topics need to be raised and disseminated locally. Ultimately, the decision as to whether an input appears credible or relevant remains with the editors. In order to create the desired, relevant and credible content, it again requires the ingredients already mentioned: local know-how and personal contact. This is how tailor-made communication solutions are created.

Published on 12. April 2019 by Martin Arnold