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Vested and Communicators team up

Cooperations between companies are often an important step in order to operate successfully on the market. Such a cooperation was recently agreed between the renowned PR agency Vested Communications and Financial Communicators. The first joint client, the World Gold Council (WGC), promises opportunities for both companies.

Vested Communications join forces with Communicators

Financial Communicators will take care of the Gold Demand Report in Germany and Switzerland. With its expertise in the financial industry and in-depth knowledge of the specifics of the Swiss and German markets, Financial Communicators is ideally positioned to optimise the WGC's communication strategies in the two countries. This collaboration will enable the WGC to expand its reach and communicate its messages in a more targeted way to target groups in Germany and Switzerland.

As an internationally active PR agency, Vested Communications brings its many years of experience and its diverse networks to the partnership. With offices in the US, UK and Asia, Vested has extensive resources and a broad range of expertise. By working with Financial Communicators, Vested can further strengthen its presence in this region and expand its services in the Swiss market. This allows both companies to emphasise their core competencies and provide comprehensive support to their clients.

One of the main strengths of the cooperation between Vested Communications and Financial Communicators is the creation of synergies. By sharing expertise, best practices and resources, both companies can improve their performance and offer an enhanced service to their clients. The close cooperation between the employees of both agencies promotes intercultural exchange and allows them to benefit from different experiences and perspectives. This opens up exciting development opportunities for the employees within the global network.

The partnership with the WGC as their first joint client underlines the expertise of both agencies in the finance and communications industry. Financial Communicators' deep understanding of the needs of the financial industry and Vested Communications' expertise in strategic PR create a powerful combination. This cooperation provides a solid basis for the success of client campaigns.

Published on 14. June 2023 by Peter Manhart