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With deeds and words against littering

Last week, the national IGSU Clean-Up-Day again mobilised tens of thousands of people to stand up for a clean environment and against littering throughout Switzerland. Communicators also organised a clean-up action and collected litter lying around in Zurich.

In mid-September, Communicators employees took to the streets together: wearing yellow high-visibility waistcoats and rubber gloves, they collected litter lying around. "At first glance, Zurich seems very clean," says consultant Nadja Fitz. "But on closer inspection, you find many cigarette butts or drink containers lying under benches or stuck between bridge railings." While the team from the Oberdorf site worked its way towards the lake, the financial team started at the Dennlerstrasse site. When the two teams met at Bürkliplatz, the finds were put together and then disposed of correctly. After the operation, the teams rewarded themselves for the successful action with a joint lunch.

Together against littering

The clean-up action took place as part of the national IGSU Clean-Up-Day, which was held for the eleventh time this year. On 15 and 16 September 2023, communities, schools, associations, companies and individuals from all over Switzerland campaigned for a clean environment and freed forests, meadows, hiking trails and water from littering. This year, an estimated 60,000 volunteers took part in more than 700 activities throughout Switzerland. Together they removed several tonnes of litter from nature and disposed of it correctly.

Communicative support

Communicators has been supporting the IGSU Clean-Up-Day with communication measures since its inception and has also been carrying out clean-up campaigns itself for several years. The Swiss Centre of Expertise against Litter (IGSU), which organises the national Clean-Up Day, also relies on the support of Communicators for other anti-litter measures. For example, the agency develops and writes communication concepts, media releases, newsletters, technical articles and website texts for the missions of the IGSU ambassador teams, space sponsorship projects or the No Litter label.

Published on 18. September 2023 by Pamela Schefer