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General Meeting in Corona Stress

14. April 2020
In the fight against the corona pandemic, meetings in the run-up to the annual general meetings were continuously restricted. This posed new ...

111 Voting battles

14. April 2020
Communicators führt seit über 30 Jahren Abstimmungskampagnen auf allen Ebenen durch und steht nach den drei Vollerfolgen im vergangenen Jahr nun bei ...

Management change at See-Spital

14. April 2020
At See-Spital, with locations in Horgen and Kilchberg, there has been a change in management. This took place in a demanding environment - not only ...

Job prospects in the financial sector

14. April 2020
The survey "Job prospects in the financial sector" is taking place for the 9th time. In 2019 over 900 people took part - in 2020 the 1'000 mark is to ...

New colleague in the finance team

14. April 2020
Lea Keller, who has already completed an internship at Communicators, is our new Account Manager.

Successful campaign against the JUSO initiative

09. March 2020
The popular initiative of the Young Socialists would have dramatically changed the tax system of the canton of Zurich. Even though the initiative was ...

"Financial markets are more exciting than ever"

09. December 2019
Almost 40 years ago Hanspeter Frey started his career as a financial journalist at "Finanz und Wirtschaft". Despite retirement, Frey remains true to ...

There is no labour market problem «50plus»

09. December 2019
People over 50 will never find a job again. At least that's the popular opinion. The latest federal data shows it is still not possible to speak of a ...

Rebranding: New name, new challenges

09. December 2019
Name changes are a fine art. Those who rename themselves need a clear focus and a long breath.
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