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Agency outing 2020: A look through the city window to Great Britain

Of old tales of the city, lake cruises and British cheese: this year's agency outing took place in Zurich.
The meeting point for this year's agency outing was the new office in Zurich's Oberdorf district. A short office tour and a few cups of coffee later, everyone was ready for the first item on the program: At shortly after 9 am, we were picked up by Ms. Dreyfus. She led us through the alleys of the Oberdorf, opened various city windows for us and told us the almost forgotten stories of Zurich's old town.

Now we know what is hidden behind the small wooden door opposite our office*, where the remains of the historic city wall can be found and what is behind the names of some alleys in the Oberdorf. All that walking and learning about Zurich's history made everyone's stomach rumble - it was time for refreshment.

Lunch was served on a boat that departed just for us. The sunny autumn weather provided us with beautiful views during the round trip across Lake Zurich. Once we had solid ground under our feet again, we set out on the last walk of the day.

At "Markthalle" in Zurich's viaduct, we enjoyed a beer and cheese pairing - from cider to pale ale to port wine and from hard cheese to cheddar and gray cheese, there was something for everyone. In this convivial atmosphere we ended the day together.

*Behind the wooden door lies the former "Ehgraben". In the Middle Ages, they served as sewage and waste disposal points and were the forerunners of today's sewage system.

Published on 09. October 2020 by Viviana Petrone