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From the office to the street

It is easiest to write about something you have experienced yourself. This was already the case with school essays and is also true in everyday agency life. That's why Communicators took part in this year's IGSU Clean-Up Day with its own clean-up campaign.
The employees of Communicators ensured that Zurich's streets were clean.

Handkerchiefs, aluminium cans, beer mats and countless cigarette butts were collected by Communicators staff in the city centre of Zurich as a prelude to the IGSU Clean-Up Day. On 16 and 17 September 2022, for the tenth time, the IGSU Clean-Up Day will mobilise municipalities, schools, associations, companies and individuals from all over Switzerland to take action for a clean environment. The campaign by Communicators is one of more than 700 clean-up campaigns in which litter is collected throughout Switzerland and a strong signal is sent against littering.

Tour de Zurich

The Communicators employees started their clean-up tour at the offices in Oberdorf and Stauffacher. While the Oberdorf team picked up cigarette butts from between the cobblestones around the Grossmünster, on the Münsterbrücke and on the Paradeplatz and scraped tattered newspapers from the kerb, the Stauffacher team collected litter around the St. Jakob's Church and along the Sihl. With dirty gloves, full rubbish bags and a clear conscience, the two teams finally met at the pool bar and toasted to a successful campaign.

Literal support

Communicators supports the IG saubere Umwelt IGSU not only during the Clean-Up-Day with words and deeds. The agency supports all anti-litter measures of the IGSU with communication concepts, media releases, newsletters, technical articles and website texts, as well as the IGSU ambassador teams, the space sponsorship projects and the no-litter label.

Published on 12. September 2022 by Pamela Schefer