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Management change at See-Spital

At See-Spital, with locations in Horgen and Kilchberg, there has been a change in management. This took place in a demanding environment - not only because of the Corona crisis, but also because the hospital is making the biggest investment in its history with a new building. Communicators successfully supported this change.
Exterior view hospital See-Spital in Kilchberg
Hospitals are currently under special observation. On the one hand, they are severely challenged by the spread of the pandemic, and on the other hand, major losses in earnings must be expected. This is because at the moment all non-essential interventions must be avoided. In addition, a new building is being constructed at the See-Spital with locations in Horgen and Kilchberg, which will ensure high-quality and economical hospital care for the entire region for decades to come.

A change of management comes at a very bad time. The hospital's Board of Trustees has therefore decided to call in Martin Arnold from Communicators to provide communications support for the change. To this end, a detailed plan of the internal and external communication process was drawn up, all texts were prepared in detail and a comprehensive Q&A was drawn up. This good preparation finally paid off. The media coverage was very positive, the new director was well positioned and the strategic reorientation of the hospital was also communicated positively.
Published on 14. April 2020 by Martin Arnold